R.I.P MR . Fernandez....


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thank you guys for all your support and advice, after being on differnt meds for 3 weeks...mr fernandez didnt make it, i came home today to a dead cham....he will be missed, his previous owner basicaly killed him..and i could not save him......................i currently have a brand new cage i built for him th
at i never got to use...


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oh no! I'm sorry to hear this! It's so sad when people get animals (especially such awesome ones as chams) and don't take care of them.


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I'm very sorry to hear about Mr. Fernandez's passing. Hope after you've grieved that you'll be able to get a healthy cham that will be happy to inhabit the new cage.


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I am so sad for you. You gave him your all and for a short time I am sure he felt your love for him.


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So sorry for your loss. :( You gave him more love and care in the short time you had him than he had ever received by anyone before. I'm so sorry that he didn't make it.


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I am so sorry you lost the guy after all the two of you went through. He will be happy in his new place knowing you will give the same kind of love to another chameleon. That is his legacy to you.


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ah man i was really pulling for your guy too! he was such a beauty. sorry for your loss, it's always a shame when you lose one of anything you love :(


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Sorry to hear your guy did not make it. It makes me so sad that he died because of the stupidity of others. You gave it your best and you should atleast feel good about that. You have a good heart for taking him under your wing.


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ohh man. it sucks to spend money on vets an medicine and for it to die but u cant not take him either,its very hard.especialy when vet bills run higher than the chameleon cost!


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Thanx guys for Ur support ,Mr fernandez is now in the big tree in the sky..for the short time I had hum he lives a good life..u will be misdeeds rip Mr fernandez ......
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