R.I.P Ambee


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two days ago i had lost my first panther chameleon he was the first on i had bought i had taken him to the vet 4 times and paid around 500 dollers but iwould have paid 1000 if he would have made it. i have no idea what he died from but he took his last breath in my hands and its was horrible and i just wish ihad more time :(
well the first thing i had noticed was the rolling of one eye and thought it might be a early sign of mbd so i took him in and the vet said ? mbd whats that? and this is a exotic pet vet so i told him as much as i knew the he said well have u ever dewormed him an i said no and so we did that and he said come back in two week. so i go home and he was useing both eyes still but the one eye looked alittle swollen. a week gose by and he stoped using that eye so then he wouldnt eat so i had to feed him when i could . i went back tthe vet told he was getting worse and he stoped useing that eye then he gave me some drops and said if it gets worse come back . well it got worse and he stoped eating alltogther but he would drink still so i went back again and then the vet got some mucis he said out of his eye and i think then he opend his eye for a second and then same thing wouldnt open it . i would take him out sid give him showers hehad the the right lights dripper i would mist him 3 to 4 times a day he didnt mind being handled i would use his favorite branch tohold him
Your Vet there was clueless. Did he do a fecal-or just decided to worm him as a precaution. What kind of lights were you using?
ya he was an idiot and he claimed he knew chamelons very well. he just decided to no fecal exam nothing .if n e one can recomed a vet that knows what there doing in san diego please let me know thank you
i am useing a zoomed 40 watt basking a zoomed reptisun compact 5.0 uvb and a zoomed day light blue uva 60watt and a night light zoomed 40 watt purple
Wow-that is alot of lights! Some of the older Zoomed compacts were found to cause eye issues up to and including blindness. Why the 40 watt and 60 watt, and were you using the purple light at night? I imagine the temps get cold there, but no light at all at night and no heat unless your temps are dropping below 60, and that does not happen in most people's houses. If you need to use something for nighttime, a ceramic heater is better. Also, were you using a digital thermometer to be sure of your temps?

Understand I am not meaning to critique here, but to help you as I hope you don't give up on chameleons. It is far less stressful and easier on the pocket $ when you get everything right up front to keep them from getting sick.
the reason for all of the lights is cause my cage is big it 6 feet tall 2 foot deep 3 foot wide and had alot of dark spots and also so he could diffrent basking temps i have 3 thermometer through out his cage basking temp mid 80s and the rest of the cage from 70s to low 80 and my room dose get colder then the rest of my house thats the reason for the night light. the 40 watt is abasking lamp and the 60 is like a regular bulb if that makes sense it is in a hood with the compact 5.0 and i appropriate the critiques any help is good and i dont think ican give up on chamelons haha its a addiction
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