R. Brev just laid 1 egg. Now what?


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I saw 1 egg sitting in the back of the tank laying right on top. I kinda looked for other around there but didnt see any, should I look some more?

Anyways, I picked the egg up and moved it into the front of the enclosure, and now I am going to be waiting for an answer from you guys as to what I should do with this egg. Leave it there, or put it in a seperate container?

Oh god! I just found 2 more eggs in the back corner dug way into the moss! Yay!!! But the last egg wasnt anywhere near the other 2... oh well. But I have all 3 in the front now, and waiting for furter instruction! lol
"Breeding occurs throughout the year. R. brevicaudatus reproduction does not shut down for winter although there may be a slight slow down. Two to four clutches are possible in a year, with eggs 1 to 4 eggs in a clutch. Eggs have been successfully incubated by leaving them in situ and also by removing them from the tanks and incubating them at room temperatures that varied between 67ºF and 87ºF. Both methods yielded 100% hatching rates. Incubation times were from 60-75 days. Fertilization from retained sperm has been reliably reported (L. Christenson, personal communication)."
Vermiculite, if you can find it...I did use seed starter mix, and the egg made it all the way to hatching, although it didn't successfully hatch. I put it in a ziploc container, punched a couple of pinholes in the lid, put the thing in a closet and checked it every couple of days. I had it just wet enough to clump the starter mix, but it would fall apart if I touched it. I think I only had to add water once or twice. My critter tried to start hatching on day 72...that is, the egg started to shrink, got wrinkly, and had a few "cracks" at one end. Unfortunately, that's all that happened; the next day I carefully cut the egg away w/fingernail scissors, but the perfect looking little baby was dead...:( However, obviously the incubation worked fine!

I don't know, I'm sure Will or Roo or Hieka or someone can say, but I think topsoil might not be a good choice. Maybe staying that wet would contribute to rot?
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