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So I was out of town last night, and asked my friend to turn off my chameleons lights for me.

Well, he turned off the heat lamp but left the UV light on by accident.

I was wondering if my chameleon slept even though his UV light was on, and if there are ways i can tell if he slept.

Also if he didnt sleep, what should I do right now as far as giving him more time to sleep, and get him back on schedule. (ie. should I turn off his lights now and leave them off for a certain period of time, should I just keep them on?)

Any suggestions would be helpful thanks.
as far as I know there is no way to tell if your cham slept but I wouldn't worry about it, he/she prob slept through the light being on anyways. Just get back on schedule tonight.
it will be hard to tell if hes slept but they will try to hide underneath a branch, it would be a good idea to get a timer so the lights go off at a certain time each day, chams get into a routine and dont like change
He may have slept as usual but I doubt it, however missing one night's sleep won't hurt him. I think I may have missed a nights sleep, back when I was young. I seen to have recovered.:D
I realized after a few days that my dogs knocked my timer off when they were playing. Wouldn't have known it either if one of them hadn't been pulling stuff off the counter at 2am one night (bad dogs). I noticed the lights were on and quickly turned them off and fixed the timer. My chams didn't seem any worse for wear, just went right back into their old schedule when it was back to normal. Not ideal though, I felt bad for them.
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