QUick ? about new cage set up


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Just built my panter a 7'x5'x6' cage and got a list of safe plants for him, kind of trying to make an all natural habitat for him to play in, was just wondering if no fertilizers or anything are used, would i be able to do a soil cage floor, and have grass growing in the bottom? if not what would be a good alternative for the floor?
your best bet is to leave the cage floor bare. It might not look the greatest but there should be no substrate on the floor that your chameleon could eat or injest such as moss or bark chips. Also with all the mistings and drippings of water water ever you use is likely to mold and create bacteria. Most leave the cage floor bare or put down paper towels to absorb the water.
alright, yea his cage now is bare with a drainage system, thought itd be cool to kind of like set up a geranium garden in the bottom, and some other plants, but if it will just mold and what not dont want that lol, ill just build another drainage system for this cage than too
its pretty hard to not have something in the bottom getting constantly wet every day and not have it get yucky! The bottom of my cage is made out of some type of board that was painted green. It does not look that bad. The cage came that way. I have also seen some people use some kind of decorative linoleum which looked pretty good also and it is easy to wipe down. That is the key, having something that easy to clean.
We were adamant about having our floors covered for a very long time because we thought it looked better. After trying different large substrates and different paper towel brands, we finally said forget it!! We use no substrate or liners what so ever and it is MUCH easier to take care of. And it really doesn't look all that bad. As long as you keep it clean and keep up with it, it will look fantastic.
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