questions on my chosen plant

tree Philodendron

Looks like you have a tree Philodendron there. Real name is _Philodendron selloum_ or a hybrid of that. As the new leaves unfurl they are kind of tender and the traffic of claws might mar the leaves, if not break them. They also very quickly grow too big for a small space like a typical cage. Easy to grow FWIW.
Yes it is a Split Leaf (Elephant Ear) Philodendron, or atleast they call it that in florida. As the other member stated the branches are kinda filmsy and they might not support weight very well. I am not sure if they are toxic to chameleons or not. I would Do some research on the internet in regards to their toxicity
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Thank you for your information, it wasnt marked, I had to trim it down for it even to fit in my 24x24x48 enclosure, I had to get it from walmart because the nurseries where i live have not recieved their spring stuff yet, im hoping it will do ok for a couple months til there is more of a selection on the market. by that time he should be bigger anyway and need more support
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