Questions about pygmy chameleons...


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I was going to build a massive pygmy setup in my 100 gallon fish tank based on Roo's instructions. Do these instruction's carry over for all pygmys or only the brevs? Also where can I get CB pygmy chameleons? Does the enclosure need a drainage whole, or does a setup like Roo's (with the proper amount of misting) regulate itself?
As of right now, Roo and Mike (FLCham) do offer CB Pygmies. I sold all mine away. The setup by Roo is suitable for any kinda of pygmies as long as they are floor dweller. Usually when you have live plants in it, excess water will be absorbed. Plus with all the bedding at the bottom; basically absorb a lot of water. Misting everyday usually won't flood the enclosure and no draining needed.
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