Questions about possible Mouth Rot


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I have some concerns about my 8 month old female Panther. I looked in her mouth today and it looked yellower than I remember. Just want to make sure that it is not mouth rot or an infection. Now I don't get to see in her mouth too often, so I could be overreacting. She does not have her mouth open and seems to seal just fine. Her appetite is very good and no other signs of concern.

Behavior seems normal all around except that she is climbing to the bottom of the cage and checking out her laybin recently. I believe she maybe brewing up a clutch. She did have her first clutch she laid (Non-Fertile) on 11/28. I did find her two times this past week exploring the ground which I thought was weird, but she didn't stay down there for long and went back up the branches.

Chameleon. Ambilobe female 8 month old.
Handling. Only to take out when cleaning cage.
Feeding. Crickets, Dubia, Silks. Five her 6-8 medium 5 days a week,
Supplement. Arcadia earthpro-a every feeding and repashy calcium plus lod twice a month
Watering. Mistking set up for 1 minute 9pm, 7am with 3 nozzles
Fecal. Most of the time urates are white, sometime light orange. Fecal looks well hydrated.
Caging. repitbreeze xl cage with sides plastic wrapped and divider between to cages.
Lighting. 12 on 12off. 60 watts basking bulb, sansi led grow light bulb for plants, and reptusun t5 48in hood spanning both cages with 5.0 uvb bulb

Temps. 87f bask temp floor temp 72-78.
Humidity. 50-60%

Plants. All Live Plants
Placement. Three feet off floor And not near any vents.

Location. Southern California


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I don't see any signs of mouth rot.

Many Panther chameleons have a yellow mouth inside...for them it's normal.

She shouldn't be gravid again already...but some panthers seem to have clutches more often than others. How many eggs did she lay the last time?


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Thank you for the feedback. I thought it was too early to be gravid as well. The first time it happened she looked very receptive for a bit first as well. When she laid her first clutch it was 26 eggs. Maybe she is just exploring.


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At least it wasn't a huge clutch. I remember some of my female Panther chameleons laying more often than I thought they I think it depends on the morph to some extent.


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Thanks for the feedback. I try to track on a spreadsheet as much as I can to see how she is progressing. Currently, I am tracking the amount eaten, weight, sheds, and recently when she lays her clutches. I feel this will give me useful data moving forward.
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