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I've recently been considering purchasing a Fischer's chameleon from my local petstore. I've been reading up on their care and housing and on the importance of keeping chameleons away from heavy-traffic areas in the home, but I had a quick question regarding a possible stressor to my newest addition. I play the drums and my new chameleon is going to be kept in my room, where my drumset is located along with my other herps. My geckos don't seem too affected by any weekend jam sessions, but will a chameleon? I've read about how prone to stress they are, and was just wondering if this might be a problem. Thanks. Any input would be appreciated.


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Some people believe that Chams are deaf, but one thing is for sure Chams do pick up on Vibrations through the branches they are perched on, and probably in other ways... I played Music for years, and would definately say that a loud Jam session is not a good place for a cham. They would probably think there was a giant running up on them to eat them, or that an earthquake was shaking their world apart... To much Vibrations for a Cham I would say, defiantely a stresser.


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Many Fischers Chameleons are wild caught animals and they can be very problematic to an inexperienced owner. Be sure to ask the pet store about his background before you prurchase.

Captive bred chameleons are worth the wait.


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I've asked the pet store owner about his background and she assures me that he's captive bred. Also, I've had past chameleon experience before. Thanks for your concerns though.
I think it would be the least problematic if I just relocated my drumset to another room. Unless anyone here has managed to maintain a drumset and their chams in the same room before without problems... I think it might just be best to eliminate the possibility of it being a potential stressor. Thanks for all the input guys.
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