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hi there...i feed my 3 months plus female veiled almost 8 crickets daily...and coated with calsium all the this enough? and will she be overfeed or obese if i feed more?



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However, if you feed them too much once they are sexually mature, you will end up with larger clutches. Veiled females can lay eggs without being with a its important once they are over 5 months old to provide a suitable egglaying container in the cage so they have somewhere to dig to show you that they are going to lay eggs. Failure to provide her with a place to lay eggs can lead to egg binding and eventually, death.

Is your calcium phosphorous free? Insects have a poor ratio of calcium to phos.

Do you provide her with UVB light/sunlight (that doesn't pass through glass or plastic) so that she can produce vitamin D3 so that she can use the calcium?

Do you gutload the insects with a nutritious diet? Remember...whatever goes into the insects/whatever state of health your insects are in affects your chameleon.

Do you use vitamins and calcium/D3 to dust with? Are your basking temperatures appropriate? Vitamin A from a preformed source and vitamin D3 from supplements can build up in the system, so you need to be careful not to overdo these. Beta carotene sources of vitamin A won't build up, but there is some controversy as to chameleons needing some preformed.
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