Question on Bulb for Heat Lamp


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I got a chameleon back around christmast and got one of the pre done set-up kits from the breeder. It came with a blue day-light zoo-med light, which just burned out this morning. I was planning on replacing with the same thing, but all the reviews I have read say the consistently burn out pretty quick. Since I would like to be able to be in the habit of changing the bulbs before it burns out I would like to know what bulbs you use for your heat lamps and recommend.

Is there a big difference between normal incandescent and stuff like

Just looking for the voices of experience here.
If you mean your basking bulb you can just use an ordinary housebulb.Cheap and effective! Depending on the age of your chameleon and what species will determine what wattage you should use to achieve the correct basking temp.
You can use a 40-60 watt housebulb no problem. I would try a few different bulbs to achieve a basking temp around 85 degrees or so for a 4 month old. The adults can go about 5 degrees or so higher.
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