question my cham is being weird


Friendly Grasshopper
just a quick question my little guy Camo keeps climbing upside down on the screen top of his tank he has been moving asround like crazy all day seems like he is trying to get out. i did let him out for a bit and he seems to want to go right up on top right up to the bulbs where i have to remove him cause its not safe. he has passed up a few crickets and his fav worms so i dont believe he is hungry. he is also a little darker than normal. i would think that he was just cold but nothing has changed in his habitat, temp are approx 80deg day and low 60s at night.


Camo the Chameleon

Breed: Veiled Chameleon
Sex: male (I believe)
D.O.B: late July (estimated)
Purchased: October 21st, 2010 @ PJ’s pets Bramalea 905-729-7428

Feeding: mostly crickets 8-12 a day medium sized gut loaded with fresh fruit and veggies Zilla insect food, Zilla green cricket drink with calcium and dusted with ZooMed calcium powder at every feeding as well as Exo Terra calcium with D3 powder twice a month. Also 2 or 3 worms a day either butter, silk, or meal worms. (not dusted )

Watering: misting two to three times a day with a hand spray bottle, as well as using a drip system twice a day for about a hour each time. All water is treated with Zoo Med dechloraminating agent.

Enclosure: Exo-Terra glass two door terrarium with screen top. Size 18x18x24
Outdoor carpet on bottom, foam rock wall with fake plants hanging all over, a med sized 4ft flexible vine, large mounted piece of wood, a few large rocks. Also I have a small Pothos plant growing in a pot at the bottom.

Lighting: 1 ceramic heat lamp with 65w bulb n clamp approx, 1” from screen and a Exo-Terra compact fluorescent terrarium canopy with 2 Exo-Terra Repti Glo 5.0 UVB 26w bulbs. (have reptisum 5.0 18”)

Temperature & Humidity: Top of terrarium is hi 70’s to low 80’s by day and low 70’s high 60’s at night. Bottom is low 70’s by day and low 60’s at night. Both temps measured with Exo-Terra dial thermometers at opposite side of basking light. Humidity is measured with a Exo-Terra hydrometer and is primarily kept between 55 and 75.
( lately winter here in Canada humidity has been lower from 40 to 60 and as low as 35 trying to keep it higher )

I handle my little Camo about once a week for 30min, he is actually very friendly with me. I also hand feed him daily ( loves those worms ). He poops once about every 2 or 3 days and they have about ½ inch of pure white and then A LOT of dryer brown poo. ( its huge really ).
Recently I have started to introduce him to fruits and veggies so far he has only been willing to try a little kiwi and mango but I am slowly trying to introduce new foods for him.
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