question about coloration


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are there variables in a chams life that affect its coloration. like food, light, enviorment? or is it totally dependant on genetics?
Light/heat can affect most chameleon's colors at some point. If a chameleon is cold, it will darken its color to aborb more heat. If its hot it will become a lighter color.

In its environment, if two meet, the colors will usually change...two males meeting will take on "aggressive" coloration while a male meeting a gravid female will usually cause her to darken her colors and/or take on a pattern. Even two females meeting can have cause color changes.

Sometimes when a chameleon is sick its colors will be more drab than if it were healthy. Its almost as if its too much of an effort to keep their "healthy" colors up.

I have even had the odd chameleon change colors when I've given it medication.

I've probably missed other examples that I should have included.
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