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Hello all!
Well I said on here that I would put down some of my notes for future reference so everyone working with quadricornis can compare how they do it, and to shed some light on how I got my pair to breed.

The first graph, shows my humidity levels. When I first received my pair, I kept the humidity basically at 95% or higher, and I got them in January. Along with the change of humidity, I changed the overall "season" and cooled it down and kept the humidity high. On the graph, you will notice that the fourth breeding has the lowest humidity, this is because it happened during the middle of the day, when the temps were the warmest.

The second graph, shows my temperature readings. When I first received my pair, I tried keeping them at below 73 all of the time. Like I said above, when I changed the season, I kept it cooler, along with the humidity up. I regulated the temperatures by having the UV light about 6-8 inches about the basking spots, along with having a thick plant that has multiple vines and perch locations to give the pair a few options to hang out and being able to have their own spot.

Other things I regulated were food, and natural sunlight. After about a week of having it cool, and very wet, I allowed them to go outside, for about thirty minutes to an hour, while the temperatures were about 77-79 degrees in the basking spot. I kept the humidity at around 75-80%, and stayed outside the whole time watching them. For food, I started gutloading them differently, and gave them more food, but changed it up more. Instead of feeding crickets a few feedings, I switched every feeding, and sometimes, I gave them both feeders.

Things I noticed that was happening before/during breeding were consistent every time. I sprayed heavily, and stimulated a heavy rain, and when it was over, they both got a drink then went to the highest perch, then the breeding occured. Except the fourth breeding. The pair bred four times, and the male tried twice, but the female denied him. She would allow him to basically mount her, but not let him connect.

Like I said above, the breeding attempts were after the pair bred four times. One thing I noticed too, the female started gaining weight and girth noticably in between the second third breeding. She continues to gain weight, and she is getting wider everyday. But one thing that stumped me was that she still allowed breeding two more times, but then started rejecting the male. The last attempt was about one week ago, and they have been seperated since that last attempt.


If you have any other questions, I will edit the answers in this post, so feel free to ask away.


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thank you. this is more or less what I've been doing, yet I don't bring mine outside due to cold weather.
I've had one mounting yet no mating yet. I still think that maybe garadean is too young or just not ready for her first set of eggs. my rosey my be the same way at this time too.

they are fun LPR. thanks for your info. ;)

Did the female make him get off, or the male just didn't persue the mating? Do yours live seperately? Mine didn't at first, but after the second attempt of breeding after they bred four times, I moved her so she didn't get hurt and stressed. And, I have been able to regulate how much food and water she gets this way.

I can't say if the female "made" him get off or not. I did not sit and watch them and more or less left them alone.
yet I will say that the female will tell him no by head movments and turnning dark since then.

they do live apart. yet I have plans for a huge cage for a pair and if that works out, I'll do the same for my other pair.

I wish I had a ton of helpful info for you. yet I'm doing more or less like you and just hope for the best.

Thanks Harry. Everything you've told me has been helpful. I'm just curious as to how you have them, and your experiences. I am trying to learn, and compare my notes. Hopefully, by doing this, more people can compare how everyone does it, and more people will work with them, and be successful

i would like to offer info about how I did eggs but i wasn't that scientific. I put then in a cheap incubator and let them go. You are doing a great job of documenting what you are doing.:)
i would like to offer info about how I did eggs but i wasn't that scientific. I put then in a cheap incubator and let them go. You are doing a great job of documenting what you are doing.:)

Thanks Laurie. Did you have problems keeping the temps cool? I am having trouble trying to get this fridge from LLL (not on their part, I am working money out to allow myself to afford it). If it's possible, I am trying to find a way to keep it cool enough for this clutch, and possibly having the fridge when I have more females cranking some eggs out.

Laurie- Did you see the photo update from a day or two ago?

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