PVC Sheets in Canada


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Anyone know where i can get this stuff? they dont have any at home depot or rona, is there anything else that anyone can thing of that i can use for the bottom of a wood enclosure that will be able to have a drain installed in it?
if you live in ontario look in the super shopper under green houses and some guy has 200 plus sheets and hes selling them for 80 bucks a piece cause there $120 in the store so check it out if you live in ontario canada
I have been looking for some too, but the home depot here doen't know what I talking about. They said they never heard of it.
It's called "Corrugated plastic" it looks just like cardboard, you know with the two sides with a wavy piece in the middle and it is white. It is near the window section. It cost $8.37 for a 2' x 4' piece which is a perfect size for a cage wall.
I just looked on my receipt and the item number is 074507993158 and it says plexi glass but it is not plexi glass it is corrugated plastic. Hope this helps.
Yep! I have 8 or so waiting to become more cages when I get around to it. I'm even using it to partition of parts of the unfinished reptile room basement.
Hey, my town's Home Depot doesn't even sell it. I bought mine from a place about 300 miles from here and they shipped it to me. Sign places are another great place to check if you only need a small amount. They use it to make weather resistant signs. Not real sure how well corrugated plastic would work as a floor without a lot of support.. I don't think it is strong enough to support the weight of a plant. I used tile board that is used for shower walls for the floors in some of my cages. It was around $10 US at Home Depot for a 4X8 sheet.

You could probably even use a small sheet of plexi-glass or something. Almost every hardware store i've been to has it.
the pvc cost to much money if its $120.00 for a 4x8 sheet.i never looked for any. where can you buy it at? im looking for some thin sheets.
I found corrugated plastic, but not pvc, i guess ill have to use a couple pieces of that for the floor, thanks!
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