Prudish Male Veiled


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Hey Hey,

I only dabbled in veileds a little while before I started with Panthers. Outside of some notes I wrote down 6 years ago, I'm scratching my head and trying to remember this:

I just got a big beautiful male. Put him in with my female. He got all territorial at first, but then she turned light colors and turned her back to him and he calmed down. NOT warning colors...almost a lime green. At first I thought he was going to mount her, but he didn't. She basically invited him, but he decided not to? She's not displaying anything remotely close to warning colors. But then again, she doesn't have all those lightning bolts when a female is "really" ready to go.

He is still acclimating, but all the male veileds I ever had couldn't get to the females fast enough. He seems like he's in great health.

Any suggestions?

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