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Well, my first chameleon, a color morph panther chameleon, is going to arrive on Wednesday and I can become a chameleon mommy! Thanks to everyone for suggesting the Kammers as a place to buy my cham. I am just finishing getting everything squared away before his arrival, and I had one question that I can't find an answer to. Is there a good cricket food to gutload crickets before I feed them to my cham? I was looking in a Petco at all the foods they had, and the cricket foods were so varied I didn't know what was good. The Kammers suggest feeding orange slices for water, but don't have any suggestions on food other than a very extensive recipe on making your own. So any suggestions? Also, do people know of reputable places to buy your feeder insects? When I was in Petco I was shocked at the horrible condition the feeder insects were in that they were selling. I would like to be able to go to a store here in Orange County to just pick up 50-100 at a time (once a week), but I don't know if I can get good insects from local stores. Thanks for your help!:)

Hi, congratulations!

Wild Eye Reptile makes a gutload that is very, very good. My roaches and crix both get it. In fact, I use it as the staple diet for my roaches. It is very affordable too. They make a worm bedding as well, but I haven't tried it yet. Here is the website:

I buy all my feeders off the internet, and have had good success with every single company that I have ordered from. I have had a couple problems with the post office leaving them in front of the garage in 10 degree weather (why, oh why would they do that to a box clearly marked "Live Crickets when we were home at the time?!?) but the companies themselves have been great. I was ordering a thousand at a time, and was able to use them within a month or a month and a half. (My sister has a bearded dragon, and she pilfers from my crix box too.) I kept them cool so the die off rate wasn't quite so high. My last order was 500, and actually hasn't come in yet. I ordered from Reptile Depot this time. This is actually the first time I have ordered crickets from them, but I was pleased with the butter worms and wax worms I got from them a couple weeks ago.

Hello bonillaphotography, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

feed sources:
My local petco is similar. I buy dog food there sometimes and lately the smell has been almost unbearable. I usually purchase crickets and other feeders at local pet stores. There are a few nearby that specialize in reptiles.

I do purchase some feeders online. I can recommend for silkworms and hornworms. I hear is good too, but have not tried them yet.

I have heard good things about the gutload offered by wild eye reptiles (wer gutload). I can personally recommend as well.
...Is there a good cricket food to gutload crickets before I feed them to my cham?

Congrats Rachel on getting your chameleon :)

It is very easy to Make you own cricket gut load. Doing so ensures you know just what your bugs, and hence your chameleon, is eating.

The dry portion of a gutload can include (blend with a coffee grinder or food processor): quality whole grain cereal (Im currently using Kashi); spirulina; bee pollen; dried alfalfa; organic raw sunflower seeds; dried seaweed/kelp/dulse; oats; unhulled sesame seeds, powered egg; ground almonds; ground brazil nuts; wheat germ; hemp seed; fig powder.

The wet gutload (switch it up with a different couple of items every other day or so) can frequently includes things like: dandelion leaves, squash, carrot, yam, orange, mustard greens, pomegranet, collard greens, kale, romaine, apple, peas, blueberries, raspberries, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts, ... (avoid broccoli and spinach).

Bug nutrition
do a search on cricket crack. SsimswisS (sorry if i spelled it wrong) makes it i believe

That is what I use and my crickets love it! Drop Ssimswiss (he's a forum member), a pm and he'll take care of you.

I got my boy from the Kammers as well.
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I'm also using Cricket Crack right now, my crickets wouldn't grow with the crap from PetSmart. I use carrots or sliced potatoes for water.

I get all my feeders online. I just bought 1000 crickets for $22 shipped and taxed here in California from LLLReptile. Ordered on a monday, they will get to my place no later than Wednesday. I get my silkworms and pheniox worms from Mullburry Farms.
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