Prolaps epic continues more advice please


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Goolu is still having trouble. He has not deficated for four days and no urates for two. Sence he has been on enrofloxacin this has been the case along with diminished apatite and squinty eyes. Now I am concerned about a blockage as a result of the prolapses or impaired digestion due to the meds. I have been reading the forum and haven’t found anything on constipation. He is eating three crickets a day and watermelon so I don’t think he is dehidrated. Should I stop feeding him until he deficates? Caster oil? Also he has lost two claws in the last three months one yesterday. He has a big role under his neck. His cask gets puffed up and then goes down when it cools off. His mouth open alot I thought it was because he was begging for food, that is how I feed him. Could I be from over suplementing him, adema, gout, fat, outside heat? He has shade he can go into that has a hose dripping over leaf.He stands in the dripping water in shade to cool off. He seems to be feeling better today (this is day five on meds.). His eyes are bright and open and he is walking around more in the garden but still no b.m .results. I usualy take him out in the grass in the morning when it warms up and he walks around a bit then goes.
Sorry to be asking so many questions but I am a novice,not Munchausens by proxy. Thanks again for any sugestions
Hi Marina,

Have you tried giving him a long shower yet? Running water will encourage a cham to poo. If he continues to have troubles, you need to take him back to the vet. The vet can give him an enema if needed.

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