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I know there was a recent post about this but I wanted to ask about my situation. Both of my 7 week old veileds have white stuff comming out of one nostril. It is really noticable to. It looks white and a little crusty, and it is just staying there. I use rep-cal calcium with D3 phosphorus free and rep-cal herptivite. Am I supplementing to much? 5 out of 7 days I mix both 2/3 calcuim and 1/3 herptivite and dust the crickets. I sprayed both of them and some of it came off but it is still in the nostril. Thanks for any help.
Chameleons elimimate excess minerals through their nasal passages. It is normal to see this, especially in babies because we tend to over-supplement them. Don't worry about it, although your dusting schedule does seem a bit heavy to me.
I would do the calw/D3 twice a week (maybe tues. and fri) and the herptivite once a week (Sun).
Eventually you will reduce this to calw/D3 once week and the herptivite once a month. You may want to consider getting some repcal without the D3 that you could dust with 2 or 3 times a week in addition to the above schedule for the rest of their lives. Also, once the weather is nice again, some real sun exposure is going to be great for them.
The above dusting schedule recommendation is not intended to be absolute law but it is what I would do. Others I'm sure will have different ideas and great reasons for them. It's a pretty open topic with no true hard and fast rules (we are all still learning and experimenting).

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