pro gutload?


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from what I read this is best:

Gut-loading is simply feeding your crickets fresh fruits and
vegetables. It is NOT buying dry cricket food labeled "gut-load".
The list of appropriate ingredients can include:

- Leafy greens such as collard greens, mustard greens, lettuce (Not
Iceberg Lettuce!)
- Carrots (grated)
- Sweet Potatoes (grated)
- Oranges (sliced)
- Grains
- Spirulina
- Bee pollen
- Dried Kelp
- Melon
- Apple Peelings
- Mango
- Squash

And the list goes on! The trick is to prepare a mixture of 3-4
items from the above list that will last a week. Store the mixture
in a plastic container with a sealable top. Then the following
week, you'll pick out another 2-3 items. By rotating the
ingredients, you'll indirectly vary the chameleon's diet. Our
chameleons rarely go on hunger strikes, and we believe that the
constant change in gut-load may be the reason.

Oranges are an excellent source of water for your crickets. In
addition, they offer vitamin C and reduce the smell of crickets.
When the orange is consumed, all you are left with is a dry peel.
Oranges are better than "gel" water cubes since they do not rot and
are less likely to build bacteria. One or two slices per day will
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