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Is my baby pregnant?? She’s a Jackson and is only 5 months old. She seems a little big and is acting more aggressive than usual. She won’t get skinnier She is in a cage with a male. Is it even possible?!? Help!


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Jackson Chameleons reach sexual maturity at 5 to 7 months of age. However, females are more likely to face reproductive related issues if mating before the age of 12 months.
so it is possible


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As stated above they could have bred but gestation is usually 6-9 months in xanths so she wouldn't be showing a full belly yet.
Her posture in the pictures she looks like she is puffed up probably in an attempt to keep the male away from her. She probably spends a lot of time like that if they are housed together.
If they have bred there is no morning after pill for chameleons however you can limit her feeding amount to reduce the number of babies she might have. Sadly this would normally be the age where she would still be a allowed large daily feedings until 9 months of age. I don't breed my females until they are over 1-1/2 years so this is a dilemma I have never faced. Definitely cut her back at 9 months and maybe limit her a bit until then.
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