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I have some chinese praying mantis ooths (egg cases) for sale. These guys are great as feeders, pets, and garden pest control. Just use some string to loosely tie the egg case to a protective plant or bush (so no predators can get to it.) after several weeks of warm whether these guys hatchout and start feasting on your aphids and what not. As pets and feeders, you can use string to hang on the inside of a brown paper bag that is folded and held closed with a paper clip or pin. You can also glue the small bit of stick these come with to a surface (like a 32 oz deli cup lid or enclosure of some sort. Every few days check on your ooth and perhaps give it a light spray of water for humidity. If the nymphs are not supplied with enough room and food, they will cannibalize and eat eachother. Ideally they would be housed individually after two or so molts, but it is possible to raise several in a large enclosure with minimal brother eating.

These ooths have been in the fridge for about two weeks and are fresh. Free shipping! You can combine an order with butterworms and still have free shipping!

1 - 4.50
2 - 8.25
3 - 11.25
4 - 13

Shipping is 1-3 days and can be shipped out mon-wed, and thursday as well for CA residents. Shipping is free but I cannot guarantee live arrival if your temps are below 40 degrees F. If your temps are low, a small fee can be added for insulation and/or a heat pack. I accept paypal and money orders, but I don't recommend money orders at all.

Email me at [email protected] for the fastest response.
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