Prayer plants?


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I notieced on the LLLReptile site that Prayer Plants Maranta leuconeura are listed as non toxic. These look a lot like Croton. They turn their leaves up at night to show thier pink/purple undersides. Have any of you tried these with chameleons. They are beautiful plants and would probably do well on the bottom of an enclosure because they like water and lower light levels.
Do you have a specific link to the page on LLLreptile. I looked but could not find what you are talking about.
Thats the correct link. I am skeptical because of the bright coloration that its not poisonous maybe its a mimic.
I keep replying to myself...well I found an answer sort of.

The Prayer Plant is considered non-toxic on this list- however, it is not edible which the hibiscus, pothos and are. Notice though that it falls into the same category that the Umbrella Plant does- so it appears that it will not be a problem if your chameleon does not tend to eat a lot of foliage. But I dont think Im going to take a chance with it.
They have been used for my terrarium chameleons, pygmies. I personnally, wouldn't have any iddues with putting it with pardalis, I'm not sure weather I would put it in with Foliage muching chameleons. Havent looked into that enough.
sounds good I hope to get a Panther in about two weeks. My enclosure will be finished on Thursday. I want to make sure I have everything ready before I get him.
They dont get too big, and they dont have any tructure. I'm not sure if they vine off like Pothos, but they grow really slow. Honestly not too sure how well they would suit a panther chameleon. A baby, I guess I could see thhough.
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