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I know it's getting to be summer now, so this topic is probably a little out dated-- but I was just wondering what everyone would do with their reptiles if the power went out.

The reason i ask is because my power was out for two weeks this winter due to an ice storm, and I was not at all prepared.

At the time I just had two anoles.

The temperature was 35*F in my house for two weeks.
At first I tried keeping them warm with "hot hands" hand warmers, but they weren't getting close enough to the warmers to stay warm.
Then All the stores sold out of them. (along with all the batteries, gas, candles, etc.)

Then I tried filling up Bags of hot water to put in their cages.

Then All my pipes exploded---
so i was left with nothing to keep them warm.

My bigger, stronger anole survived.

But my poor little guy got an eye infection and died a few days after the power came back on. (antibiotics and all)

I'm going to be prepared this winter!

I was thinking about getting a generator, but those can be dangerous.

So, I'm just wondering if anyone else here has an "emergency" plan for such an event.
I have a wood stove in the shop that is my back up heat plan. It keeps the shop pretty toasty. Definately not an everyday solution because there isn't much control over how high (or low) it goes, but it will work in a pinch. I keep wood stacked next to the stove, and also have presto logs for an easy start. A generator is on my list of things to eventually buy.. I see them in the for sale ads here for a pretty good price now and again.

Hmm, that's a really good question. I don't have a back-up plan. I will def. need to think about that for when I get my cham.
all you have to do is get a car battery and a power converter. mosty converters ahve battery clamps in with them. just hook the clamps up and onto the battery and you can at least power a heat lamp or 3 up to 100 watt and it will last for a couple weeks. battery=$30(at walmart) Converter=about $20-40 jsut get like a 500 watt converter and you'll be set. much cheaper than a generator and if you get higher power batteries and stuff, then you could even power a heater and tv for yourself.
power converter---sweet idea.

I'm going to get one of those before winter hits again, because by the time the power goes out, all that stuff will be sold out.
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