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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by rileyxdantzler, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. rileyxdantzler

    rileyxdantzler New Member

    I'm planning on getting a veiled chameleon in a few weeks at the reptile show. I currently have an 18x18x24 Exo Terra glass terrarium and I was wondering if i could use it temporarily for the chameleon.

    I've read that they need screen enclosures, but is there anyway i can make the one i have work?

  2. rileyxdantzler

    rileyxdantzler New Member

    also, if the exo terra is okay...

    what kind of lighting do i need? (i have 2 reptiglo 5.0 bulbs in the hood atm)
  3. moviemanmania

    moviemanmania Avid Member

    I'm not exactly familiar with how they are constructed but could you somehow replace the back and front doors with screen somehow? If the answer is no, then I would say your best bet is to buy a new enclosure or plan to build one. Keep in mind, these guys can get pretty big in a year and will need more room than 18x18x24... All ways best to plan ahead.
  4. Salem Jones

    Salem Jones New Member

    Ventilation is the key. The problem with the exoterra systems is that it's all enclosed in glass. No ventilation so humidity can be hard to find at a constant level. Look at the top viewed posts in this forum and there's one about a guy with glass enclosures and making it work. Take a page or two from him if you really want to use your exoterra stuff. I'd suggest getting a screen cage or even doing a simple DIY with PVC and screen material from home depot. Make a cage for under $20 that way.
  5. ferretinmyshoes

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    Regardless of ventilation problems an 18x18x24 is way too small for a veiled unless it's a hatchling! If it is very small it can work as a temporary cage but if it's even half its adult size that cage would simply be too small for it. The lights are correct though.
  6. SS4Luck

    SS4Luck Established Member

    What show are you going to? If it is a large one there will be vendors seling mesh cages for cheap. Im pretty sure its tiki tiki even seels a starter kit where you get a cage and full setup plus cham for a hell of a deal.

    Im pretty sure its FLChams, but it might be screamealons that has the same deal too and i know 100% for sure LLLReptile does.

    Get at LEAST an 16x16x30, if not a 18x18x36. The second of the two will last you up till a year or so with a veiled male, and would pry be okay for a female adult. A full grown male veiled will need a 2x2x4, they just get large lol

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