post your fav cham

I can't decide :rolleyes:
I don't think I could pick my favorite panther let alone my favorite chameleon species over all. The Nosey Be panther is beautiful. I almost purchased a Nose Be recently, but decided to try something a little different this time and went with a cross (ambanja x nose be). If you are trying to decide between a few different types, try posting a poll to get people's opinion.
Hard for me to decide to. I love the colors of panthers and some other chams. I also like the dinosaur like features of jacksons, brookesia and others. My current fav is probably the jacksons or the dward jacksons.
Veileds because they are so unpredictable and their mood can change in a split second..keeps you on ur toes:eek:
I have a Jackson and I love him :p He is the cutest but he does have those mood changes too! Its like sometimes he loves sprayed water and other times hes very angry with me. They are all so moody lol.
no problem coming to a choice.... definitely female Fischer Multituburculatum... so much personality you might not be able to handle it!
I think I like the Ambanja Panthers, the Carpets & the Parson's as my top 3... tho I really loved and miss my Veiled... so maybe there's a 4-way tie for 1st... but that's only the ones I'm more familiar with... I LOVE chams in general... Oh! and I forgot the desert chams... Sorry, I'm not very decisive.
I'd have to rank them as follows:
1. parsonii parsonii
2. parsonii globifer
3. c. quadricornis
I'm partial to the temperate plateau/mountain species. Just love the greens and subtle blues.
I love my fischers cham. A little odd ball though:) He lets u know that he has no boss and he will do what he wants. Although he is starting to go towards me when I open the cage.
i really like vields chams they are so cute and unpridictable too.I also like the dwarf chams they are very cute too.
Very easy question for me

1. Fischer (the male one I used to own had the best personality of any chameleon I've ever known)

2. Veiled chameleon (absolutely amazing and in my opinion, under-rated)

3. Globifer
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