Possibly gravid? Pics...


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Carla is a 6 month old Veiled-has not shown gravid coloration, but has been plumping up over the past month. In these pics you can see what may be the outline of an egg above her back leg. Also, in another post there was some disussion of gout and a flap of skin around her neck, and the fact that this somtimes shows in gravid females. I would hope that i have not been over supplementing, I had been dusting with Repcal (D3 once a week, without D3 3 days a week), and Herptivite every 3 weeks. She is plenty active, eating is slowing down, and she has a place to lay. What do you think? again-no gravid coloration-ever, even when she sees my male-that she has not been with...

Can you feel the eggs in her when you palpate her sides? I have seen be gravid without showing the classic colors, however they quickly show the gravid coloration if put in the presence of a male.
Good luck with her.

I think I may lose a finger if I attempt it! I also did not want to stress her out, but I can certainly get her out and try...
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