Possible temporal gland infection


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Well my chameleon came up with an infection on the corner of her mouth which makes me suspect it might be a temporal infection. It's discolored and swollen. So I took her to the vet and he told me it could be a number of things that's to cause. He seemed pretty knowledgeable. But he told be its most likely a wound from a cricket leg or bite. So he prescribed me some baytril. He told me since she's only 5 grams that I can only give her .01 ML of it daily which is gonna be really hard. Then he told me if this doesn't not work he would have to take a more aggressive procedure to rid the problem. Meaning putting her under anesthesia and draining it. Which I do not want him to do. She's too small for anything surgical. Hopefully baytril does the trick.

Here's some pics and please tell me what u think it is and if baytril should work.



Husbandry info: 18/18/36 screen ficus tree 6% UVB Arcadia t5 fixture with 40 watt incandescent bulb for heat.
Diet: crickets: apples carrots melon orange.
Supplements: repticalcium without d3 2 times a week. Reptivite with d3 1 a month.


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:D I am no expert and would just have to go with what the vet suggest. The only way you'll find out is give her the meds and make sure she stays well hydrated. Good Luck


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My Jackson died from a recurring temporal gland infection. It was treated with Baytril and went away (or so I thought). It got infected again and we treated it again with Baytril, this seems to be the problem. The original infection did not go away apparently and I should have gotten the infection cultured to see which antibiotic would be the best. If your guy's infection comes back after this treatment I advise you to get it cultured.


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Perhaps I'm mistaken but it looks like the vet didn't clean the corner of your cham's mouth.
I have read of people using a very dilute solution of chlorhexidine gluconate
(1 part chlorhexidine to 9 parts water) or a very dilute povidone iodine solution (also 1:10 ) on a cotton swab to cleanse the area, with at least some people following this up by applying silver sulfadiazine or triple antibiotic ointment.
Perhaps it was not recommended because of her size but you might want to inquire as to whether or not this would be a good thing to do.
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