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I am thinking of concentrating my collection on some of the lesser kept chameleons, and was now thinking of selling my male Yemen chameleon depending on interest.

This guy was hatched in November 2009 and I have had him about a year. His body is 7-8 inches long and he has fantastic colours (they are even brighter in real life and the pictures do not do him justice). He has recently mated with my female without any problems. However this guy needs an experienced keeper that will use him for breeding purposes (this guy will not make a good pet), with a quiet home, as this guy is super aggressive. He will posture and even bite the mesh on his cage when approached.

He did suffer a thermal burn when he was younger on his back behind his head (when using a mercury vapour bulb - which I would not recommend) although this has healed very well and as you can see he is very healthy.

Giving him the right home is more important than money but if you feel that you could offer this guy what he needs then please make me an offer. Collection will be from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.


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