Possible Eggs Laid??


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so yesterday i noticed my Year old Female panthers Gravid colors going away... she is no longer really dark or moody towards me. this morning i awoke to find her back to her normal peachish color , i dug through her laying site and came up with nothing, also looked through her ficus pot and again NOthing..i emptyed the sand out completly looked in every possible spot, i paired her on Feb. 7th with my male and there was instant signs of being gravid ...

so its been 35 days since and still no eggs, this is her first clutch and ive heard sometimes it could take longers then normal but her Apparence has returned to normal . the one thing i never did was check her belly for eggs AT ALL in the past 35 days but when i checked today i felt nothing...

What could be up :confused:
I have had this happen with a sambava female. It is my belief that she reabsorbed the eggs. In her case, they were almost definately infertile.. or at least partially so. She did lay one fertile clutch in October, but hasn't been bred since then. She showed all the classic signs of being gravid.. she was meaner than heck, she turned black, and she threw a fit every time she saw a male. But, she never laid a clutch and eventually turned back to non-gravid colorations.

At 35 days, I wouldn't be pulling the egg laying container, though, and you may want to run her by the vet if she shows any signs of not doing so great. My vet is around a lot, and he proclaimed my female "ungravid".
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Thanks For your Input! Im keeping a Very Close eye on her behavior making sure nothing is worng with her. a Trip to the vet would be a good idea in a week or so for maybe some Xrays i think to see if there are any eggs! But from what ive watched ive noticed that she Drinks alot more water then normal and eats a little bit more then she would before! Also have been watching her Colors alot, ive noticed that she has developed a slight change in her bars. they used to be All peach but ive seen her have thin lines of brown but nothing like the first Gravid pic i posted of her before, ill try to get a picture of her currently when i am off work Because i think i might help!
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