possible eating problem.


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I got my chameleon maybe a month or so ago from a local pet store, I don't know his exact age but he's maybe 3-4 inches from nose to where his tail starts so I'm guessing a few months old or so. Anyway, he hasn't been eating nearly as much as it seems that he should be based on what I've been reading here and other places.

I have crickets set in bottom of his cage that run around throughout the day and sometimes he'll go right for them and other times he ignores them for quite a while, a while being a day maybe two. I keep count to see if he's eaten any or not. I bought some silk worms and he ate those for a couple days then became disinterested in those as well. I also put a butterworm or two in his cage as well but that doesn't seem to be the most effective way to show case them since they don't move too much.

Initially I hadn't realized that mealworms weren't the most ideal food for them but they're really the only thing that he seems to go for lately. If I dangle one of them in front of him he goes right for it. I feed him one or two just so I know that he's eating something at least. But I really want him to get onto the crickets. Could that just be conditioning still from the pet store?

He's a nice healthy green color though and he's active during the day. He shows no signs of being sick or anything like that, at least none that I recognize. He drinks pretty regularly, I have a drip setup and mist a few times a day.

Any ideas on why he doesn't seem to be eating as much as he should?


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What are the temperatures in the cage?
What species of chameleon is it?
Can you post a picture please?


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70-80 degrees during the day. It's a veiled. And I don't currently have a camera atm so can't really do pictures.
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