PLZ advise ~ Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium w/ screen top

Hi Everyone,

I've read so much about a set up for my veil chameleon and so many say absolutely NO to the Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium w/ screen top because of the glass? I have a 12x12x12 for a 2 1/2 inch veil thats coming on Tuesday and am now concerned about using it?

Should I buy the Reptibreeze Cage fully Aluminum screen cage instead?

So confused now.

Thanks Patty


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SO much depends on where you are located and the temps where you are keeping the cage. A veiled will easily outgrow that cage at 3 months of age. You can use that cage for a baby if you make sure it will not get too hot. I start 2-3 month old babies in 16X16X30 screen cages and move them up to 18x18x30 for females or 24x24x48 for males. You don't want to put a baby in too large a cage since they may have trouble finding food. My other word of caution, Reptibreeze cages rust-so you would be better off ordering one of the all aluminum cages.


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You can, but it will only buy you a little more time. The biggest Exo may be big enough for a female, but it will not be big enough for a male. 72 is a perfect temp for ambient cage temps, that is what my house it set at all of the time. You just add a basking light to get to the perfect basking temp.
I have kept both my females (past and present) in the Exo Terras. Both have done really well in them. I got Amy at 3 months and I just used the UV strips lights to keep the cage at around 80 dgrees at the highest point she could get to. You could probably house a male veiled in there until about 6 months of age. That viv is far too small for my big male, but Amy is fine in there. Females have a smaller more compact and rounded body shape than the males.
You could alway buy a really big exo terra and break it and just use all the plastic pieces to make it taller. Depending on where you are you might be able to find one on craigslist
You could alway buy a really big exo terra and break it and just use all the plastic pieces to make it taller. Depending on where you are you might be able to find one on craigslist
I really hope that was a joke dude. Why in the world would someone break a glass tank to make it larger? When you can just go out and buy a larger sized enclosure. Think before you post.

To the Op I would go with a screened cage. You are a newbie cham keeper and a screened cage is easier to fine tune and get the humidity and temps correct. As long as your home has heat the cham will be fine in an all screen cage. If you have a hard time keeping the humidity up just cover a cpl of sides during the winter with a shower curtain or plastic sheeting.
I have bought 24x24x24 exo terras off craigslist for $30 bucks and made them taller for only like $15 dollars it's not that big of a deal
So you paid 45.00 bux for homemade jerry rigged cage. Than you had to piece it together.You can buy a brand new screen cage from LLL for less than 20.00 more and its Brand New. Boy that sounds like a great deal.:rolleyes:
Lol it's not jerry rigged it look like any other exo terra just taller and their are benefits to glass enclosures. Also I was giving advice on what he can do if he really wants to put it in an exo terra style tank. Also if you can't put a exo terra back together I don't know how you can put a screen cage together lol But it was just advice if you honestly want a glass enclosure and dont want to jerry rig a exo terra lol you should check out protean terrariums he can make any size you want, drill holes and make the terrariums for chameleons and can also ship but they are going to be way higher.
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