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Today Oliver had what seemed to be dry crusty eyes and they were itching him. I saw him trying to rub his eye against the screen. He did not get a lot of water on Tuesday. My girl Kari left in the morning and I was away and got home at 10 pm that night. So he was only sprayed once and it was a hot day. This is all I can think of. He seems to have symptoms of weak right arm. I thought it was an eye infection. I am going to take him to who is supposed to be the best vet on the east coast. I am very scared and can’t believe this happened. I just bought him his new cage today cause he is getting so big and fat. I mean that in a healthy way. When I got home, he seemed to have gotten worse. If it is dehydration or even an eye infection ...he has a good chance of recovery you think. He is asleep now. I don’t want him to stress any more. He did not eat today. He eats everyday! His eyes seemed to get worse through the day. I sprayed him a lot and did drink and his eyes got a bit better. First I thought his eyes were shedding cause he shed the other day. God if there was an emergency room open I would go now. does anybody know of Dr. Monaco based out of long island new york. I am not going to a vet unless they are cham pro. If anyone is from L.I. New York please let me know. He seemed so healthy ...:confused:
:(...i really dont have a thousand dollars right now either.. I appriciate any help or advice and hope I can return the favors..

.what does anybody know about repti turtle eye drops? the guy at pet store said it is ok to use and recomended this vet..Dr Monaco...who he said is the best on the east coast?? I would like to know your thoughts on this also please..:confused:
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I don't know any vets in that area at the moment....but here is a site on the one you are talking about....looks like you should be in good hands....or rather your chameleon should...

Now as for the are saying dry and crusty...I'm not a vet, but I would take him to one. Sometimes eye problems can be related to sinus problems.

I have not tried turtle eyedrops on a chameleon. I once tried a different eye drop though...and it didn't work. The thing is that if you use them before you go to the vets it make it difficult for them to if there is an infection and what it is.

You said..."He seems to have symptoms of weak right arm"...can you describe it better...does he stretch it out a bit like its bugging him?

Sorry I can't be of more help. :( Maybe someone else will have some ideas?
you have been a great help..and your links are always as well. He seems to not want to use it. Like it is hurt or sore. He is sleeping now and the arm is extended. he always holds on with all fours
no it doesnt look like it. it is possible he could have broken it or twisted it. cause of his eyes he was walking like a blind man. he would reach fro a branch and miss it. and he was climbing all over his cage like a wacko and wanted out of the cage. This is what made me go buy a bigger cage today. Like I said I thought maybe his eyes were sheding. You know like snakes cant see and dont want to be messed with when there eyes are sheding. could be right about sinus..he could have a cold causeing crusty eyes. and he just needs the vet to give some antibiotics.that would be nice.. I know he is going to freak going in to a box, car and the vet. He already hates me. If he doesnt freak then that just means he is really bad. now the other issue is I just dont have the money to pay a crazy vet bill now. and if I end up spending 500 to a grand and he dies...thats what happend last time. Oliver is so much worse than my othe cham..he is stupid enough to run right off me and break his neck witch is anouther big fear. Thanks again

What do you think the ideal humidity is for a male panther?
I can't tell you a definite humidity....its fairly dry at my place (in the winter) but I find that as long as they are well hydrated it doesn't seem to matter.

Here's what others have to say...
"October is the month with the least precipitation and January the month with the most, but mean relative humidity is remarkably stable year round ,81-86% (Pronk, personal communication)."

"In their natural environment, most Panther chameleons are used to humidity at 70% or higher, therefore, you should try and mimic these conditions in captivity."

"Panther chameleons need a high humidity level (aim for 60-85 percent)."
he ate a lot today. and was almost his same old self. I think it caused from dehydration. I just kept spaying him a lot today. I could not get appointment till saturday afternoon. His eyes get better when I spray him and then they swell again. I am feeling good that the vet may tell me to use these drops and call me in two weeks, and he should be fine. He really was in good shape today.
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