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Hi I have had a jacksons chameleon for almost a year now( got him prettty small and he's doing great....) always looks at me very irritated when I handle him haha, don't worry I handle him pretty rarely. He eats from my hand and i've got some rope set up outside the cage, loves to come out and explore. Anyway he has gotten a bit bigger and am about to buy him a new cage and want to put some live plants in there. I am debating between a 30" cage and a 4 ft tall cage any suggestions for plants and cage set up? I know what I want to do but am by no means an expert and would love any input.
Out of the trees I've tried so far (which isn't a ton) I've had the best luck with schefflera, it has really nice limbs and leaves and seems to hold up well. I'm trying a dracaena in my new enclosure (along with a schefflera) it has nice leaves and trunk but really no limbs to speak of so I'm using fake vines for perches

there's really a lot more plants that you can use than you would think. If you have internet on your phone I'd just go to lowes or a nursery and look at the plants then look up any you like to make sure they're cham safe.
If you have the room just go with the larger cage. I also like scheffleras the best. They are often called umbrella plants. They have nice broad leaves which hold the water drops and puddles nicely.

Just one question, where are the pics?:D

I do need to get some pics up here your right ill see what I can do! Anyway that plant u mentioned looks good think ill go with that. And I think I will go with the bigger cage why not? Im toying around with the idea od getting a electric mister for it (I have just been spraying his cage down myself) what do you guys think?
If your away from home a lot during the day a mister on a timer is really nice (for me working 10- 12 hour days I feel it's a must). If you do get one go with so good one (NOT the habba mist) I have a mistking which works great, I hear good things about aquazamp too (I think that's the spelling?).

If you or someone you trust is around the house most the day I'd say you could get by with out it (unless you just have the cash, and want the convenience. It also makes going out for the day easier so if you have the money it might be worth your while even if your home most days
whats wrong with the habba mist?
Well the one I bought didn't work right out of the box, but there have been many people report that after a few uses they stop misting and just like spit/ spew out, plus the water reservoir is to small. It's just poorly made imo and you can get a good starter system for just so little more (mistking starter is $ 99 I think)
To mist my jacksons cage I bought a new sprayer at lowes in the garden dept, the kind you use for chemicals, and I pump it like once a week and never have to pump it again. I just pull the trigger and point, take all the stress out of misting with a handheld bottle.
I've been using the Habba Mister for about 2 weeks now and by no means is it the best mister, not even close, but it does its job for now. For 50 dollars its good enough. I also have a 75 oz exo terra pump mister for just in case situations and that cost 90 cents.
The sprayer was only $10.00! It holds 2 gallons of water so I fill it up like once every month

This is what I use also but I would not let the water sit in the jug for that long!! I refill mine every day. I would also think a jacksonii needs more than two gallons of water a month. Not the animal its self but the whole usage of misting the plants and stimulating him to drink!!

So I got a schefflera plant in my cage I love it it holds water and moister soo much better then the fake plants in his old cage I will try to post some pics in a few days.
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