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I think I may have a black thumb. I've killed so many plants in the last 6 months, it's scary. All I can keep alive is Pothos. My Schefflera (sp?) turned black and died within a week. My hibiscus is on death's doorstep, and now my weeping fig's are losing their leaves. Frustrating. I've even killed my venus fly trap. -.-

So with the Ficus, why would they be losing leaves? I tried to look it up, but it's hard to figure it out when it's in a cage. All the info I found was just general keeping. I refuse to go back to fake plants, but this is getting just silly. Is there easier plants to keep? I'm starting to think that it's a lighting issue for the plants. After all, I'm trying to give the Chams proper lighting, and forgot about the plants needs too, lol. If anyone knows of an easier one to keep, please let me know, I love the pothos, but for the bigger guys, it's not the best base plant. Help me! :confused:


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Hibiscus are difficult to keep healthy in a cham enclosure (for me anyway), but shefflera do really well if potted right and have appropriate lighting.


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Ditto. Give Schefflera another try. If your cage isn't near a window, you might try adding a flourescent tube in a daylight/plant-gro spectrum.


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Ficus will drop all its leaves when it encounters a change in lighting. It will replace its leaves with new ones that are best suited to the new lighting condition. Also, do not keep its roots wet constantly. Too much water will turn the leaves yellow and then they will drop also.
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