plant problem.


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:mad:so i put in a live plant yesterday, i cleaned it and put new soil pestiside free, put rocks around the surface so camille couldnt eat the dirt. she really loves the plant. but this morning when i woke up there were millions of ants going in and out of the plants soil!? how did they get there!? how do i get rid of them completly, i always try somthing and they come back. please help.
It is possible that ants got inside the plant and layed eggs, just remove the plant completely and take your cage off the ground!!!! Get artificial vines and plants
Or just wash the roots and repot the plants with clean soil? :
Live is better. Maybe humidity and warmth triggered ant eggs to hatch, otherwise you better search for ant trails. :)
I don't believe ants lay eggs like that. They are most likely coming from a source already in your home.
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