Plant: Pothos (Epipremnum)


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I was going to use this hanging plant in Steves Home ( Panther Chameleon) but checked one list on the internet and didn't find wheather it was a safe plant to use. Is this a safe plant for Steves terrarium.
Thanks lightning

I had heard from a friend they were not then read a site that also said they were not safe and another that said they were safe. Sometimes it does take a little looking and also relying on the Chameleon Forums.
I have this plant in my terraria and there´s no problem with it. It´s the best plant u can have- it resists every temperature (grows in the dark or even in the light place), it´s pretty strong (so your chameleon can climb on it) and it grows really fast so it´s everywhere and your chameleon can feel like in the jungle :)
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