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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VeiledOwner87, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. VeiledOwner87

    VeiledOwner87 New Member

    hey there, so im getting ready to put the finishing touches on my enclousure (interior decor). no i've got my reptiGLO 5.0 and since i will be putting in real plants in here, i was considering the reptiGLO 2.0. is this manditory (these friggen reptile lights are so expensive). is there anytype of alternative flourescent tube for plant growth that will not emmit any heat and or to much extra u.v harmfull to the chameleon? the enclosure is 2x3x4 and a 6 1/2 month old female veiled will be inhabiting it. suggestions please
  2. bridgofaith

    bridgofaith Avid Member

    Save some money and go with the GE brand. The ones I use are the GE Daylight 6500K CFL. Works really well.
  3. iLik3LIzards

    iLik3LIzards New Member

    I got a 8 pack of GE Reveal 60w for like $6 at Lowes. Theyre just normal house bulbs that work perfect. One thing I will suggest is when you get a chance replace that repti GLO with a ZooMed ReptiSun 5.0. Those GLO's are reported of causing blindness and other cham issues.
  4. pssh

    pssh New Member

    The reptiglo's work just fine, though reptisun's are superior.
  5. jamncristian

    jamncristian Established Member

    CFLs are what are known to cause blindness
  6. VeiledOwner87

    VeiledOwner87 New Member

    thanks guys for your tips. but im talking about a linear T8 that would be of use.
  7. Goggles

    Goggles New Member

    I use a reptisun 10.0 and a plant light from Home depot in a cage roughly the same size as yours and it looks fine.
  8. Texas Panther Man

    Texas Panther Man New Member

    Yeah as goggles stated go to hd or lowes and get a 6.00 plant linear tube lite.
  9. VeiledOwner87

    VeiledOwner87 New Member

    i found a 48" T8 grow light. good for plants that use direct sunlight, enhances the color of fish and animals at the hardware store where my girlfriend works for about 9$. its by sylvania. i believe its called Gro-Lux. any takes on this?
  10. Is the 10.0 sitting on top of the cage or up a couple of inches? 10.0 lamps put out a lot of UVB especialy if you are using a metal reflector behind the lamp... and expecialyl if you have two UVB lamps.

    Plant lamps aren't always the answer. A lot of plant lamps are a lower color temp. Idealy you'd like a 6500K color temp lamp.

    The Gro-Lux is overpriced if you ask me I don't now what the color temp is... I used them before I think and I wasn't impressed at all. Lowe's and HD sell 6500K lamps in 48" T8 size, two lamps for under $6. I have the GE lamps from Lowes and they have done very well for me.
  11. bridgofaith

    bridgofaith Avid Member

    CFL UVB bulbs are what is/was known to cause blindness because of the incorrect formula used to make them. The CFL I use is not a UVB bulb and I have no problem using it. GE does however make the same bulb in a linear tube.
  12. IHaveAJackson

    IHaveAJackson New Member

    Then what do you use for uvb?
  13. bridgofaith

    bridgofaith Avid Member

    A Repti Sun 5.0 linear tube
  14. Goggles

    Goggles New Member

  15. If you are looking for a linear t8 tube for plants you can use 5000k. its the closest to natural sunlight. just make sure the CR rating is 86 or higher.

    Also the higher the lumen number the brighter it will be.

    I use t8 lights to grow my low light orchids; paphs, phals and Masdevallias
  16. VeiledOwner87

    VeiledOwner87 New Member

    i went to lowes after reading a post earlier and picked up a 2-pack of T8 6500K bulbs 32W with 2700 lumens. cool natural light aswell. this is a GE product
  17. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    Summoner is correct, Gro-Lux is overpriced and doesn't appear to do as well. I use a 48", T8, 6500 color flourescent bulb in combination with a 48", T8 ZooMed Reptisun 5.0 uvb bulb. This light combination makes all my plants look amazing. My hibiscus makes flowers continuosly, and I have been very happy with the over all appearance of the enclosures. You can also get the fixture at lowes for $12.99 made by Utilitech.

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