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We've been having some nice weather and I was able to get everybody outside. Up first I have my little family of Veileds. There's Luie, Camille and their little baby daughter Elly.

Luie 4 years old caught a glimpse of the panthers


Camille 3 years old enjoying some Hibiscus flower


This is baby Elly. She's 6 1/2 months old and now up to 30.1 grams


Next up I have my Parsonii, Padre. He's 23 months old and the newest member to the family. He's settled right in and just so sweet and ever so gentle when I take him outside.


This is Dulce, she's my one year old Cuban Knight Anole and she is spoiled rotton. She free ranges in my house and tries to run the place.


My dog Red 9 years old. He's so sweet and gets along with all the lizards.


Up next I have my daughter's panthers. I'm petsitting for awhile.

This is Mufasa from a few months back. He's over 5 years old and the daddy to all the Ambilobies and yes he had MBD when he was young.


This is Sid, Mufasa's oldest son. He's 2 and 1/2 years old and a BIG sweet boy.


This is Jr he's 2 years old and my favorite. He's Sid's brother from a different clutch. He only has one eye due to a problem when he was young and Dr. Alfonso had to amputate his eye ball. He's extremely laid back.


This is Bertha my favorite female. She's 2 years old and Jr's sister from the same clutch. She likes to lick you and taste you when you hold her. She's a big girl weighing 93 grams.


And now for the Nosey Be's. First up is Hendershot. He's one and a half and so blue the picture doesn't do his color justice.


Last I have Joppa. She's 3 years old and just a little cutie.

They all look so good !!!
Are the panthers yours now or are you Cham-Sittting for Liz again?

Your doing a great job with all your critters. Keep it up! (I'm sure you will) :D
Thank you Stefan. I'm just cham-sitting while Lizbeth finishes grad school and moves back to Tampa next month for her internship.
You got a good lookin group of family members there! I love Sid. His blue bars are so bright and Bertha must be huge lol 93 grams....WOW!!! Is she gravid?
Wow Jann, Luie is a gorgeous boy. Im lovin that turquois! And so are camille & elly. Love that pic of Elly givin you the stink eye. lol And the new parsons I forgot his name. He is fabulous. Of course the panthers are great too. lol
I never can get tired of looking at Luie. One of the best Veilds on the planet!! All your pets are the picture of health and beauty Jann. Are you coming down on Saturday still???
oh wow , how do you get the yemens that blue :p i like it , is it just how it turned out? :p really really like it
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