Pictures of my girl and her enclosure!


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hey guys, thanks so much for all your help so far. this is my enclosure for my baby, and soon i will have a slightly larger one for her. my plan for her right now is to add a dripper system, and living plants ( the bamboo in there is live, but cut froma tree, so its dying :(.

What are your opinions on also adding a 30" 8.0 uv strip light? the white light on there is a 5.0 compact flourscent.

Thank for looking!!!



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im not going to lie to you it looks nice but she needs a screen/mesh cage. better for them since they require alot of ventelation (spelling)


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well theres a screen on the top. i know that i am going to need a mesh enclosure for her, the thing is when i do buy one i want to get a really big one, and at her size, she cant 'fill' it... shes too small :S. I will buy one though!



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Invest in a very good thermometer. Tanks can heat up very, very fast, and it seems like you have a lot of lights on it. Little Chams will bake themselves to dehydration and death. Reptariums are very cheap and make a great interim cage.


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I noticed you have substrate in there... imho, it should be removed to avoid impaction...
Other than that, it looks good for her formative months ;)


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ya i just recently removed her susbtrate, and actually the enclosure looks a lot different now
i'll take a photo or two latez
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