Pictures of Moe's new home


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Details for the enclosure are on a previous post.


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Very nice. I'm in the process of completing my cage. What kind of humidifier are you useing? Is it cool mist or warm mist?
wow, what an amazing system, big round of aplause for such a fantastic creation. looks amazing ;) if they sell a complete system like that id gladly put one in my living room ;)

Jamie ;)
I am using a ultrasonic cool mist system, it has a 2.8 gallon tank, it works great, i plumbed 1.5" pvc to the top of the tank, then rap a pipe full width of the top and drill 1/2 inch holes in it, it easily keeps 70% on low and will go up to about 98% on high, i didnt glue any of the pvc so it can be taken apart and cleaned weekly.
Very nice Moe... How much did that ultrasonic run ya? I have been thinking about getting one or two of thems... Hmmm guess I can get unlazy and look at e-bay too. :)
I purchased my ultrasonic at target actually, they had a good selection, you really wanna look at them in person so you can see how easy it is to plumb pipe to it, if your not going to run pipe then its no big deal, this one cost me 48.00
Moe will be doin’ some big pimpin’ in those digs. What are the dimensions of the living area and what brand/model humidifier did you go with?

the living area of the tank is 24" deep 36" wide 36" tall, the humidifier is a Vicks ultrasonic super, it works great and runs super quiet 48.00 at target
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