Pictures of Luie, Camille and Elly


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First up I have my sweet little man Luie

Next my little sweetheart Camille

And their daughter and my precious baby Elly



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luie is awesome! are you going to have any more babies in the future? i would love to get a one :D Elly is still cute as ever!


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Thank you Sandra, Michael and Jason.

No, I will not ever mate Luie and Camille again. They are just my pets......I'm not a breeder.....I only let them mate once.
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oh my gosh Jann, they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i always LOVE seeing pics of Stanley's family!!!!! you are sooo lucky to be able to have them outside in mid December..... it was 45 degrees here today and overcast.. :(
Florida is definitely the place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Beautiful family! Little Elly is just cute as a button, and her parents look fantastic. I can't wait for Charlotte to get as big as her mom, but she's well on her way, eating and growing well.


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There all gorgeous chameleons you have there. I only hope Ms. Nui turns out to be like mommy soon. Little Elly is getting a bit bigger and looking so sweet and adorable. Thanks for sharing pics of your gorgeous cham family!


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Jann they all look absolutely stunning! Your chameleons always seen to glow :)

Elly is such a cute little thing, is she growing much?


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Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and compliments.

Jessica, I weight all my guys every Sunday and Elly is always a little bit bigger. She's growing very slowly. My vet says she's fine and seems to think around 3 months she's really start growing.
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