Pictures of gravid females wanted!


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any gravid pictures of females that they wouldn't mind me using in a blog (credit given of course.) I figured it would be a good idea to make a compilation of all sorts of gravid females for anyone who needs to know what to look for. Any suggestions about what should go on it? If you have a picture of a less common species you want to share, maybe you could enlighten me about signs of becoming gravid for that particular species?

Maybe it can even eventually go into the new members resources if I can get a variety of pictures and species.


you can use these if you like

Gravid panther:

Receptive (same animal as above):

Not carrying eggs, but also not whatsoever receptive, so get the heck away from me:
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I know you already got some panther pics but check these.
All the same female

Scuze the spongebob board shorts :eek::p


Sorry the pics arent the best quality.
You should see this girl when shes hot in the sun, most orange female I have ever seen in my life!
hey pssh. i may have a couple gravid pictures of my Veiled on my profile. They should be in HD as well. feel free to use whatever you'd like, just let me know what pictures you chose :)
Not out in nature, but...


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Here are some of my panther Layla and vieled Lucy.


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Gravid Trioceros ellioti.

Female 1

Female 2.

Female 3.

Gravid Kinyongia tenuis




Gravid Kinyongia tavetana Female 1

Female 2

Female 3

Gravid Furcifer pardalis
Really they dont change much in color.

The ellioti are live bearers so a good indication they are gravid is just looking like a balloon:D

The tenuis will get some what darker with a more rustic look and also look fat. Its pretty easy to tell with them because they are typically a skinny, lanky species. The tavetana dont change much in color. It seems some of them develop more neon type colors but I hadnt seen it in all of them. Could just be a variation. Ill try to find some pics of the tenuis and tavetana non-gravid for a comparison tomorrow. Now, its time to go skate!
Are those pictures archives, or are they currently gravid in your collection?

The only ones in my collection now are the first female ellioti and I am soon getting back my female tenuis along with my male and a different one due to the person I sold them to having to travel a lot for the next few months.

The rest of them, unfortunately, are dead besides the pardalis female which I sold and havent heard anything from the keeper about her since after she arrived at their house.
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