Pictures of Dexter

Hello everyone. Im finally on winter break ! The big sis is down from college and the weather is great here. I decided to take Dexter out this morning before it started to look cloudy and he sure had fun. He was out for about an hour and this are the pictures i managed to get. He is growing so fast !






man hes looking awesome. i wish i could take my guy out of his cage. chowder aint havin it. lol!
Hey Stefan,

Dexter looks great, he is getting some torquoise in him....cant wait when he fires up, but looks like he is great by just being ,mellow:cool:
thanks everyone. you guys are to funny with the show jokes ! I can't wait for him to very big and hopefully hiss attitude doesn't change :)
I was just about to say the same thing he does look on the skinny side, but maybe its just cause all mine are so plump lol
He just looks 'aware' on the pictures making himself skinny to blend in. That's totally natural. I have a huge veiled male myself and sometimes to warm himself up he makes himself as flat as a disc and turns to the side of where the heat is coming from. I could throw him around like I frisbee if you would see him like that. Also when they jump of of something they can blow themselfs up like a balloon. Crazy lil' creatures :p

You're guy looks great, I bet he's going to be even more gorgeous when he's grown up!
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