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I just put some new pictures of Blender my Vieled Chameleon. I put them in my Gallery and I dont know how to post them up here so sorry. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Oh and yea let me know what you guys think of my Chameleon. I just got him a week ago.
To add pics, read this thread: Adding pic's

Your chameleon looks good, but your cage looks way too empty. You need to put much more foliage in there for the chameleon to feel secure. You're going to want bigger plants too, so that there are branches and leaf cover all the way up to the top where the chameleon basks.
He does look good.

I would agree with Tygerr that he needs some more plant cover. Also if you do not have one already you will need a light that produce UVb. Exposure to UVb is necessary for proper absorbtion of calcium. I would arange both on the top of the cage.
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