Pictures from this evening


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Luie has the most amazing colors!! I wish my veiled was half as brilliant! I have been giving him hibiscus flowers since I saw your Camille pics, he wont eat them:mad::rolleyes:


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Camille is gravid ... did you let them "hook up?"

Hey man she just laid 43 eggs, give the girl a break. Guess she could already be starting to cook batch 2. WOW.

Jann any chance Camille could come up and teach my silly chams to eat flowers the way she does? I grow hibiscus and my kids won't touch them:(

You still have the most beautiful pair of veileds, both in colors and temperment, it doesn't get any better that that.

Brad Ramsey

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You don't think that will happen do you????? I'm thinking this is the second batch. She had an infertile clutch of 46 eggs on May 15th.
Sorry for my bad memory.
I do recall reading about her laying.
That coloration is residual ... "leave me the hell alone"
Look for her to lay again early to mid November. If you don't breed her again before then (which I would not) still keep the eggs as some may turn out to be good.


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Aww! They both look wonderful, as always! I love Camille's little saggy belly! Takes a while for them to get back in shape after laying, lol! :D

Chris P

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I'm loving the colours. Is the male a particular morph of veiled as most I have seen are much "greener" than yours? My male ranges from dark green to a bright pea green when relaxed.
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