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Looking for pics of your male nosy be, sambava, an red bar ambilobes flared an not flared to help me pick what panther im going to get. An its an excuess for you to show off your chameleons aswell:Dl.... Ohh I hear sambavas get a little bigger then the others is there any truth to that??? Mitsio pics would be nice to!!!
Heres a pic of my male breeder Mitsio/Hulk. After a nice misting seesion. He's just chilling in this pic. He fires up yellow with red bars.


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I only have a nosy be from that list, and to boot it's one that is pretty unusual for his locale, but I'll add him to the mix :D

This is Cobalt, who is a little over a year old. So he may continue to get bluer in the next few months. The yellow is very unusual. Here are his typical colors, from pretty relaxed to fired up.



Awsome pics Olimpia and Eric, makes me want those locales even more:rolleyes:

Here is my cham who is an ambilobe, i know you wantede red-bar, but mine is i guess in between:eek:,

you can find great examples of most of those locals on the cham nation website, theyy are a site sponsor
wow such handsome boys!!!!! I was hopeing it would help me choose one but its only made it harder!!! Which i didnt think was possible!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh......... keep the pics coming maybe just maybe I can make my mind up
Go to the screameleon or Kammerflage site and look at the breeders.They have pages and pages of awesome pics of different species in their brightest colors..If you get a chance watch the videos on screameleon on how to pick up a cham.They have a really pretty one in that video too.
You may have already done this but if you havent its fun to just look.
yea i have but since there all breeder males (im sure he keeps the best of the best to be one) i wanted to get a better look at what the public has so i can have an idea on what I would be able to get!!
I just posted a thread yesterday called "Romeo the Sambava". You can also check out some other pics of him on my user page at the bottom right where it says albums.
i was looking at him and hes awsome if i knew i could get a sambava that would look like him I would get one no question!!! Does he ever flare up for you???
not too often! He is a big love and does not get too upset. Sometimes he just fires up yellow with red bars and he is beautiful when he does!!!
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