Pics of rare chameleons !


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I made some pics of my f1 generation calyptratus juveniles - pure unmixed animals. So they can be called "rare" ;)

The parents of those juveniles were confiscated from a smuggler by our authorities, that's why I can be sure about their genetics

Hope you like them, they are really fun to watch :)

I can ask the breeder for pics but I think they just look lik normal calyptratus ;) I hope that they grow to big specimens. As far as I know, most "normal" calyptratus in the hobby have some calcarifer blood in them too
Even if Yemen allows the export, if you smuggle them without papers its illegal :D
Benny, I love them! They are absolutely adorable! How many do you have? How many males and females? You have got to promise me that you will build them a nice big free range area. If you don't there's a good chance they will become territorial and very aggressive. If you allow them to live free and spend time with them you will understand what I'm talking about when I tell you about all the personality that mine have.
Or parsonii, oustaleti or verrucosus :p


What a shame they were smuggled but at least they showed up in some good hands. I enjoyed the small group I had a while back that a friend gave me.........until they started eating me out of house and home!!
Benny, if they are ready to sell I have interest in a female! Maybe we can arrange something for Hamm. My veiled male is also from a bloodline in which hasn't been bred a lot with, so my man is huge. I would love to be able to get some huge veiled's into The Netherlands. Everyone is desperate for new blood!
2 years ago I sell my F2 babies, they are really big.
I buyed my F1 pair in Hamm from a breeder that had 4 wc animals.
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