Pics of my new chameleon. :)


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I know, very very bad pictures. I am using my roomates camera, and it sucks. but at least you can see my new veiled. I know he isnt much yet. He will grow up healthy and strong though. I know it. Oh, and the cage he lives in.

Hes trying to desicde which cricket to eat first

oddly enough, He loves being held. at least so far. when I open the cage to put the crickets in he makes every attempt to climb onto my hand.

His happy home. for the time being. Its a little small, I know, but he seems to love it.

Oh, and I dont have a name for him yet. any suggestions?
Congrats. He looks like a lucky little guy. As far as a name it always (for me anyways) comes down to personality. The name has to fit (My Opinion). For my next cham I am going to look up like Celtic Names or something like that.

Ok. decided on a name. he will forever be known as....Steve. I dont know, he just seems like a steve to me. :)
Iv'e been thinking about purchasing a veiled cham. but i'm sticking with my panthers.But your cham makes me think about getting a vieled again.He's so cool.
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