Pics of Matisse


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Here are some better pics of Matisse. Juvenile male Sambava.


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Are you crazy? Please think of a safer way to hang your feeding cup! Chams are known to shoot at bright shinny objects. One shot at that exposed screw on the brass eye hook and his tongue is shredded. Tongue amputation is possible but then you will be stuck hand feeding your new cham for the rest of his life.
Yikes I will change that. I saw someone doing something similar on another website. It was a simple solution not the smartest though. The hooks are bent down out of the way the angle and color make them look nastier than they are. I will just make some ziptie loops. Thank you for the comment.
He is just about five months. Zerrah I fixed the cup with a ziptie just made a loop it is actualy more secure. Thank you again for noticing that I dont ever want to be responible for any kind of injury.
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